Our Process

From quote request to final delivery, we strive to deliver the highest quality rollers for your needs.

Your Rollers in 5 Easy Steps


You Request a Quote: 

You can submit a Request for Quote using our fast and easy online form or by calling us at (706) 876-0954.


You Receive Your Quote:

We will follow up with any additional questions we have to confirm your requirements. From there, we strive to deliver a detailed quote within no more than 2 business days — but we're usually much faster.


You Place Your Order:

If you are a new customer, we'll work with you to establish mutual vendor/customer accounts and receive your purchase order (PO). 


We Confirm Your Order:

We will send an order confirmation that includes the lead time, shipping date, and confirms your shipping instructions.


You Receive Your Order:

As soon as your order is done, we'll let you know. We'll also send you the shipping tracking information so you can conveniently track your shipment of high-quality rollers.

Behind the Scenes High-Quality Manufacturing

Alrol's Preparation Process

Whether you use Alrol’s roller recovery service or start from scratch with brand new rollers, the journey from roller core to finished roller begins here: in preparation.

In this step of the roller production process, we evaluate the integrity of metal cores, remove old rubber in the case of roller recovery, sandblast the cores, and finally, prime them so they’ll be ready for step two: confection.

Alrol's Confection Process

The confection process sets a roller core on the path to becoming a finished roller by applying the appropriate rubber and vulcanizing it to bond it to the core.

Alrol's Finishing Process

The third and final step of the roller production process is finishing, where we grind vulcanized rollers to perfection. Here, we take many quality control measures, including manual devices and a computerized guidance system to ensure every move we make results in accuracy down to a fraction of a millimeter.