"Machine time down and scrap are never welcome! With our Alrol rollers our chipboard box partition production is not a headache anymore."

Gordon Campbell, Owner
Multicell Packaging, Inc., Lawrenceville, GA

"Alrol rollers' have excellent resistance to abrasion and high temperatures in cable manufacturing applications."

Norberto Rodriguez, Administration & Logistic Manager
Axon Interconex S.A. - Queretaro Mexico

"Alrol's delivery and service are dependable and the finished product helps us to increase the quality of our buses."

Keith Carlson, Manufacturing Engineer
Blue Bird Bus Company

"Alrol does in-house consultation. That is great when You have big film extrusion rollers."

Richard Barefield, Maintenance Manager
P&O Packaging - Dalton, GA

"ALROL improved our rollers for FDA and USDA 3A Grade packaging in durability and quality."

Pat Womack, Production Manager
Zip-Pak Ami Equipment Division - Duluth, GA

"'ALROL's customer orientation leads to a flexible cooperation and efficient administration."

Randy Parker, Business Owner
Dalton Fluid Power - Calhoun, GA

"No spare parts were available because our machine is so old. We thought that we had to buy a machine, but then we contacted Alrol. They helped us and within two weeks our 'old' machine was up and running!"

Susan Ryan, Production Manager
Cruisin' USA - St. Louis, MS

"We manufacture and refurbish high precision textile lab testing equipment; sometimes we have very short lead-times, Alrol has gone above and beyond to help every time we have these emergencies. The best work we have seen anywhere."

Harry Simmons, President
ILE - Charlotte, NC

"Our application requires great durability and resistance to abrasion; Alrol developed the right rubber rollers for us."

Zelalem Bihonegne, Plant Engineer
Global Expanded Metals - Duluth,GA