Our Customers

Rollers are an integral part of so many different and unique manufacturing processes in today's automated plants. We're proud to be able to help customers across the United States and South America with their specialized roller needs.

We Proudly Serve the Following Industries

Packaging & Film

Including Food-Grade Rollers

Our rollers can be produced with USDA Dairy Grade coatings, FDA coatings, and even specially-designed coatings for your unique application. We produce rollers for use in stretchers, wrappers, and other food-packaging machines.

Machinery & Textiles

Including Speciality Rollers

We produce rollers specially designed to meet the needs of heavily used machinery such as textile and industrial applications. Our rollers are designed to increase the quality and productivity of your products while remaining durable and precise.

Commercial Printing

Including Flexo and Offset Presses

Our rollers excel in a multitude of various commercial printing applications such as labels, tubes, can printing, and even laminators. Our specially-designed coatings help you achieve a high print quality for your projects.

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