Frequently Asked Questions


Do you do re-coverings?

Yes - we replace the worn rubber material and reuse the metal core. This is a cost-efficient way to maintain a roller's performance. In many cases, it can make sense to recover even small rollers instead of purchasing new ones. We offer quality evaluations of roller cores and repairs.


Can you do a spare roller for me?

Yes - we can provide a new core and rubber covering, or you can send us a new core and we'll cover it for you.


How does Alrol put rubber on my rollers?

We have several videos that showcase our application process located on our "Our Process" page that you can watch.


What types of rubber do you use?

For detailed information, please see our material specification sheets.


What type of Buna rubber do you stock?

We stock Nitrile (NBR or Buna-N). This material is high-quality, high-standard, FDA approved, and can only be applied by Alrol.


Can you do EPDM?

Yes - EPDM is a standard FDA-approved coating.


Do you do Silicone rollers?

Yes - we do high-strength standard USDA 3 A Diary approved silicone rollers.


Do you do Urethane rollers?

Yes - we do heavy-load, FDA approved, standard PU (Polyurethane) rollers.


What information do I need to provide to get a quote?

Simply fill in the information we request on our "Request a Quote" page.


Is there a price break for ordering larger quantities?

Yes - our pricing is quantity-related starting at 3 or more rollers.


How does Alrol's pricing compare to other roller manufacturers?

We understand that cheaply-made rollers often have much shorter lifespans that translate into increased cost and downtime in the long run. To keep you running at peak performance, our pricing may be higher than other competitors. We believe that it's important for us manufacturer custom rollers to your exact specifications at a high level of quality using the best materials for the job.


What happens after I request my quote? How long does it take to get my rollers?

We have a complete breakdown of what to expect along the way on our "Our Process" page.

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Get a Quote for Your Roller Project

We can typically provide a quote within 1 to 2 business days.