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At Alrol, we work with You to find the best solution for Your needs. From re-coating/re-covering Your current rollers, creating a new roller, to problem solving and consulting services, or applying a special coating for specific needs.
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Rubber Roller reCoating Company

Recoated / Recovered Rollers

Your used rollers are quickly and efficiently recoated / recovered to insure minimal machine down time. Whether the roller has a Rubber Coating, Metal Coating, Steel Coating, or Film Coating, we will be able to serve your needs.
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New Roller Manufacturing

We work with You to create appropriate drawings. The roller then will be produced exactly to Your specifications. We do specialize in Rubber Roller Manufacturing, Steel Roller Manufacturing and Metal.
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Rubber Roller Coating Company

Problem Solving and Consulting

We want to learn about Your Applications in order to understand Your Needs! Is it a simple roller re-covering, or a multi-faceted problem that needs a complex answer? We have expertise in several applications including industrial coatings, USDA coatings, packaging printing, and conveyor rollers.
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Metal and Steel Roller Coating Company

Special Coatings

We carry a wide range of materials made of natural and composite rubber as well as polyurethane and elastomer combinations. We offer coating solutions for sticking, sliding, traction, wear, corrosion and chemical problems.
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Rubber Roller Coating Company

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